Protection Plans

Who is Clyde?

Clyde is an insurance technology company that has built a marketplace of top-rated insurers and administrators. Clyde enables Waterbox Aquariums to offer our customers great product protection coverage. Waterbox Aquariums works closely with Clyde to manage our protection plan program.

What's included?

Clyde Protection Plans cover accidental damage from the time you purchase the plan, as well as extends our 2 year limited warranty, giving you an additional Extension Period of protection.

For example, your product will be covered if:
1. Aquarium is cracked or broken and does not hold water. 
2. A hole or tear is created in silicone seams during normal use.
3. AquaIllumination Lighting is dropped in the aquarium and stopped functioning as it should.

Your Clyde Protection Plan does not cover:
1. Products that are delivered damaged
2. Cosmetic damage, like scratches, that doesn’t impact the product’s functionality
3. A third party improperly installs a product causing damage to it
4. Loss or theft 

How do I view the terms and conditions of the Clyde Protection Plan before I buy it?

You can learn details about what is covered by clicking "Learn More" link within each product and you can view the terms and conditions of this contract by clicking the "see details."

When does the Clyde Protection Plan begin and end?

Clyde accident coverage is active starting on the day your product is delivered through the end of your contract. The extended warranty begins on the day Waterbox Aquariums limited warranty expires.

The below chart is an example of a three year Clyde Protection Plan. Clyde will provide you three years of accident coverage. You will receive a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer and the Clyde protection plan will extend the limited warranty for an additional year. 

Purchase a Clyde Protection Plan

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