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  • A Guilde to Large Reef Aquarium
  • Adventures of Gary the Trochus
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Reef Aquarium | SPS Update
  • A Guilde to All-In-One Aquariums
  • 15 Gallon Invert Only Nano Aquarium Build
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Nano Aquarium
  • CUBE 20 Battle
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What's New For 2022!

Welcome to the New Year, Waterbox Family! We're changing up how we do Waterbox LIVE to bring you even more of what you've come to expect— more educational content, more 'knowledges' and more know-how. Join us as we review what's new at Waterbox Studios along with a look at our newest 'Top 10 Inverts' feature!   WATERBOX AQUARIUMS STUDIOS BUILDS EXCLUSIVELY USE: Sea Salt - Tropic Marin: RO/DI Systems – Waterbox Aquariums: Rock + Live Sand – CaribSea: Fish + Coral Food - Rod's Food:   SOCIAL:  Facebook: Instagram: Tik Tok: Waterbox Aquariums Official Group:   LEARN MORE + SHOP:  Find your nearest Official Waterbox Retailer: Waterbox Aquariums Knowledge Base: Shop our US Store: Shop our CA Store: Shop our EU Store: Shop our UK Store:

It's Almost Giveaway Time! Checking in on the REEF LX 320.7 + Taking Your Questions LIVE

We've finally made it to December— that means it's almost time to wrap up our 'A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums' giveaway and draw our grand prize winner! Join us to take a look at the REEF LX 320.7 and see how things have settled in, plus get all the last-minute details of tomorrow's grand prize drawing.

Let's Talk Black Friday!

Announcing this year's Black Friday promotions, and we've got some great incentives to share with you! Tune in for details and see what's new today on Waterbox LIVE.

What to expect when starting a freshwater Aquarium.

Today we are checking in on the most recent freshwater builds. The MARINE X artificially planted Cichlid aquarium and the CLEAR 4820 planted aquarium. These are a great addition to our studio but maintenance of newly established freshwater aquariums are not without some hurdles. We're here to show you how we're making sure these stay on track to becoming thriving freshwater landscapes.

Final Shipment of SPS Corals + Fish Arrive for the REEF LX.

Living Reef Orlando hooked us up with one final shipment for the REEF LX 320.7, packed full of incredible SPS coral and fish! Join us as we unpack and review the care requirements of our new inhabitants on Waterbox LIVE.

The Do's and Don'ts of Clam Care | ORA® Aquacultured Clams Have Arrived!

Ornamental clams require special care to flourish longterm in your reef aquarium. ORA® has sent us a GIANT clam pack, containing Derasa, Hippopus and First Grade Crocea clams! Join us as we unbox our beautiful aquacultured clams from ORA® and discuss how to best care for them. PLUS we announce the winner of the Adventures of Gary photo challenge!

Let's Add a Refugium to the Huge REEF LX 320.7!

We receive a lot of questions regarding the installation of refugiums and today we are breaking down what you need to know! Come join us as we set up a refugium in the REEF LX, learn more and find out if one may be beneficial to your home reef aquarium.

JUST ARRIVED! ORA® Aquacultured Coral Unboxing + Feeding

A very special package from ORA® has arrived to Waterbox Studio and we can't wait to show you what's inside. Learn more about farm-raised coral as we unbox our newest additions and acclimate them into the PENINSULA 4820, our FULLY aquacultured system. We will also be discussing the different nutritional requirements and what to consider when feeding your corals.

Life + Growth Cycles in Aquaculture: NEW ORA® Fish for the PENINSULA 4820

Now that we have transferred the contents of the ORA® Build into our new PENINSULA 4820, it's time to add our new batch of aquacultured livestock!

We're Tackling the BIGGEST Questions About Keeping a HUGE Reef Aquarium

Do you have questions regarding the setup and care of large reef aquariums? You are in luck, because it is time to drop some knowledges — get ready to gather all of those inquiries together and join us to have them answered LIVE!