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Build Series

  • A Guilde to All-In-One Aquariums
  • A Guilde to Large Reef Aquarium
  • 15 Gallon Invert Only Nano Aquarium Build
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Reef Aquarium
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Nano Aquarium
  • CUBE 20 Battle

News & Updates

New Product Announcement!

Join us this Tuesday 7/14 at 12PM EST. as we announce a new Waterbox Aquarium.

Waterbox Aquariums Technology and Website Relaunch

Waterbox Aquariums the leader in Rimless Glass Aquariums, announced the launch of their newly redesigned website, complete with cutting-edge technology, beautiful design work, and the showcasing of resources such as Waterbox Studios and enhanced help desk.


Setup and Aquascaping | A Guide to All In One Aquariums

Join us as we guide you through the process of setting up a Waterbox PENINSULA AIO 65.4 fully stocked with Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA®) aquacultured livestock.

EP01 First Look: Delivery and Receiving | A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums

On this episode of "A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums" we share with you the process of receiving such an aquarium. Weighing over 900lbs, this is not your typical haul so it's best to be prepared with tools and friends. We enlisted the help from Living Reef Orlando to help us get this set up.

Moving Time | FRAG 105.4 gets a new home.

Sometimes it's necessary to move an existing aquarium. On this episode of Waterbox Live we show you the steps we took to move our FRAG 105.4 from our corporate offices to our new studio.

NEW Waterbox Studio Reveal

Bringing you educational and entertaining aquarium keeping content is our goal. We have moved to a new HUGE studio with tons more space to create many more saltwater and freshwater builds and help guide you through the wonderful world of aquarium keeping.

Fish Keeping in the REEF 220.6

The fish in the REEF 220.6 have been doing great for two years. There's a variety of reef safe fish such as Yellow Tangs, Harlequin Tusks, Blue Tang, and of course some Clown Fish.  

Growing Corals in the REEF 220.6

Corals in the REEF 220.6 have been growing for two years and we're here to show you just how much they've grown.  

Corals in our FRAG 105.4

We recently added more corals to the Waterbox FRAG 105.4 and today we'll take a closer look at them to see how they are doing. All the corals are from World Wide Corals.    

Feeding Corals in a Mixed Reef FRAG 105.4

There are several methods of feeding corals such as broadcast and spot feeding. Here at Waterbox we do a mix of both based upon the type of coral. We use a variety of coral food like powdered zooplankton mix, phytoplankton, mysis shrimp and pellets. Join us as we feed the FRAG 105.4 and show you what we suggest feeding different varieties of coral.  

Adding Corals to a Mixed Reef FRAG 105.4

The Waterbox FRAG 105.4 has been thriving for six months and it's time to add more corals from World Wide Corals.

Maintenance Techniques for a Reef Aquarium

The Waterbox FRAG 105.4 has been thriving for six months and we're going to show you the maintenance process we practice. Stocked with World Wide Corals and inverts, this aquarium is sure to get you loving the hobby. Corals and Inverts: