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  • A Guilde to Large Reef Aquarium
  • Adventures of Gary the Trochus
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Reef Aquarium | SPS Update
  • A Guilde to All-In-One Aquariums
  • 15 Gallon Invert Only Nano Aquarium Build
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Nano Aquarium
  • CUBE 20 Battle

News & Updates


The Importance of Heaters and ATOs in Reef Aquariums

Swings in temperature and salinity can be lethal for fish and corals! Because of this, we chose to install 2x Finnex 800 watt Titanium Heaters and an XPAqua Ultimate ATO into our REEF LX 320.7! We are ready to teach you what to look for when shopping for this equipment for your own aquarium.

Feeding Your SPS Coral Like a Reefing Pro, Featuring the WWC Feeding Method!

Our FRAG 105.4 conversion to full SPS is nearing completion as we add another shipment of corals from the one and only World Wide Corals! To ensure proper growth, color and health, we will continue to feed them using the same regimen that they received during their time at WWC.

Soft Coral For Your Reef!

Living Reef Orlando has sent us a variety of incredible soft corals for our LARGEST aquarium— the REEF LX 320.7! Join us LIVE for an exclusive first look, PLUS learn all about why soft corals may be the right choice for your home aquarium.

Testing, 3 Part Dosing + Nutrient Control

We're taking our FRAG 105.4 build to the next level as we convert it to a full SPS system! We're ready to discuss the importance of water testing, 3 part dosing and nutrient control in your reef aquarium. Join us as we set up the Ecotech Marine Versa doser and take your questions LIVE!

Lighting the REEF LX 320.7

Lighting is easily one of the most important components of a thriving reef aquarium! There are countless lighting options on the market; come check out why we chose the Radion XR30 G5 Blue by EcoTech Marine for our REEF LX 320.7 on this episode of Waterbox LIVE.

World Wide Coral SPS!

We're overhauling the FRAG 105.4 into an SPS paradise with the help of our friends at World Wide Corals. Tune in as reefing expert Joe of WWC delivers a special package of SPS corals, hand-picked for this build!

Buying Coral: What to Know!

We're working with the one and only Living Reef Orlando on getting the REEF LX 320.7 fully stocked! We had a lot to consider when picking out new corals and Living Reef Orlando helped us pick out some great additions. Join us LIVE as we acclimate and add our new corals and engage in the comments for your chance to win a $100 Waterbox gift card!

Mixed Reef to Full SPS Conversion: We Want To Show You How!

The secret's out— have you heard? We're changing things up and converting our beloved FRAG 105.4 to full SPS with the help of World Wide Corals! Come check out what we have planned at 6 PM EST on Waterbox LIVE.

EP11 Protein Skimmers and Media Reactors | A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums

On this episode of Waterbox LIVE, we will be reviewing two of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to crystal clear aquarium water. Come learn all about protein skimmers, media reactors and how we plan to use them on the REEF LX 320.7!

Our Team Picked These Fish! More Inhabitants For The Fish-Only REEF 220.6

You can have a beautiful and colorful aquarium full of movement, even without coral! We asked our Waterbox Team which fish they'd love to see in this aquarium, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for them. Come check out some of the unique specimens that you don't commonly see in reef aquariums!