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• Dimensions (LxWxH): 900 x 500 x 550mm (35.4" x 19.7" x 21.7")
• Height with Cabinet: 1450mm / 57.1"
• Display Volume: 224L / 59.3gal
• Total Volume: 328L / 86.6gal
• Glass Thickness: 12mm
• Includes: Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump, Plumbing Kit, Filter Socks, Sock Silencers
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More Flow, Less Maintenance.

The MARINE DX™ range comes standard with dual returns and our newly designed removable weir teeth system, which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Ultra Low Iron Glass

Our aquariums are all manufactured using Low Iron Ultra Clear glass that is diamond beveled providing 91% transmittance.

High Strength Silicone

Manufactured using german made Wacker silicone will provide your aquarium with the longevity it needs.

Standard 90 Degree Joints

Manufactured using the standard aquarium manufacturing joints for maximum durability and strength.


Easy, Peaceful Operation

Our engineers have designed the MARINE DX™ with a ready-to-assemble plumbing that provides easy installation, without any gluing required. The precision gate valve allows for micro-adjustments to keep your system running ultra-quiet. 


An Upgraded Sump System

Thoughtfully designed for the discerning marine aquarium keeper. Our sumps boast a newly designed baffle system and incorporate 4" filter socks for optimal filtration.

Adjustable Baffle 

Skimmer and refugium chamber adjustable baffles to control water flow.

Heater Holder 

Ensure stable heater placement with attached holders.

Dosing Tube Connectors 

Included are four dosing tube connectors.

Acrylic Covers 

Sump compartment covers assist in reducing evaporation, salt creep and noise.


Black, White or Oak.

Waterbox Aquariums® furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our elegant cabinetry and finish options.

Plywood Construction

All plywood construction promotes longevity in harsh and humid environments. 

Soft Close Hinges

PVC coated for saltwater resilience and soft close performance.

Push Open Doors

Recessed push-open hardware keeps the furniture looking sleek and modern.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Marine DX

Technical Specifications

Product Model MARINE DX 60.2 MARINE DX 90.3 MARINE DX 110.4
(Length x Width x Height)
600 x 500 x 500mm 900 x 500 x 550mm 1200 x 500 x 550mm
23.6"×19.7"×19.7" 35.4"×19.7"×21.7" 47.2"×19.7"×21.7"
Glass Thickness 10mm (2/5") 12mm (1/2") 12mm (1/2")
Water Height 485mm/19.1" 535mm/21.1" 535mm/21.1"
Aquarium Volume 136 L/36 gals 224 L/59.3 gals 301 L/79.6 gals
Aquarium Weight 41.0 kg / 90.4 lb 69.0 kg / 152.1 lb 86.0 kg / 189.6 lb
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
Sump Sump Type Fully Covered Low Evaporation Acylic Sump
Water Height Adjustable Single Baffle for Skimmer Chamber
RO Water Height Control Height Adjustable Floating Ball-valve in RO Chamber
Sump Dimensions 520 x 420 x 380mm 720 x 420 x 380mm 720 x 420 x 380mm
20.5"×16.5"×15" 28.3"×16.5"×15" 28.3"×16.5"×15"
Sump Volume 74 L/19.5gals 104 L/27.4 gals 104 L/27.4 gals
Sump Weight 11.0 kg / 24.3 lb 13.0 kg / 28.7 lb 13.0 kg / 28.7 lb
Integrated RO Reservoir 11.8 L/3.1 gals 14.4 L/3.8 gals 14.4 L/3.8 gals
Holder for Heater 1 1 1
Dosing Tube Quick Connectors 4 x 1/4"(Φ6.5mm) 4 x 1/4"(Φ6.5mm) 4 x 1/4"(Φ6.5mm)
Holder for Bubble
Absorbing Sponge/GFO
Bag in Pump Chamber
Plumbing Pre-assembled Piping with
Emergency Overflow
High Precision Flow Valve X X X
High Flow Return DN20 (25mm/1") DN20 (25mm/1") DN20 (25mm/1")
Dual Return Directional Nozzles X X X
Non-Return Valve Protection X X X
Accessories 4“ 225 Micron FELT Socks 1 x 105mm/4"  2 x 105mm/4"  2 x 105mm/4" 
Filter Sock Silencer(s) x 1 x 2 x 2
Spare Holder for Filtration Sponge X X X
Noise-reducing Overflow Lid X X X
Mesh Top (Optional) MT MX/MDX 60.2 MT MX/MDX 90.3 MT MXMDX 110.4
Cabinet Cabinet Model PW 2420 PW 3620 PW 4820
(Length x Width x Height)
600 x 500 x 900mm 900 x 500 x 900mm 1200 x 500 x 900mm
23.7"×19.7"×35.4" 35.4"×19.7"×35.4" 47.2"×19.7"×35.4"
Sump Compartment Inner Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
537 x 460mm 810 x 460mm 768 x 460mm
21.1"×18.1" 31.9"×18.1" 30.2"×18.1"
Material 18mm solid plywood
Color W-White, B-Black, O-Oak
Cabinet Weight 28 kg / 61.7 lb 47 kg / 103.6 lb 73 kg / 160.9 lb
System Height with Cabinet 1400mm/55.1" 1450mm/57.1" 1450mm/57.1"
Total Volume 210 L/55.6 gals 328 L/86.6gals 405 L/106.9 gals

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