Ultimate ATO
Ultimate ATO
Ultimate ATO

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Ultimate ATO

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Ultimate in Protection, Ultimate in Precision & Ultimate in Versatility
  • World’s first 4-sensor ATO
  • Versatile installation with accessories included
  • Super precise water level control
  • Super easy installation; plug-and-play
  • No programming or adjustments required
  • Works in complete darkness

What is an ATO Anyway?

ATO Stands for Auto Top Off. All the Waterbox Marine, Frag, Reef, Pro and Peninsula Aquariums include a built in, or separate ATO chamber. This chamber is used to fill with Fresh Water. The Freshwater is used to replace evaporated Water within the Aquarium.

We recommend Purchasing a XPAqua ATO System to work with the Pre-Configured ATO reservoirs in our aquariums.

Why Choose the Ultimate ATO for your Waterbox Aquarium?

The Ultimate ATO includes 2 dual optical sensors. The 4 sensors allow the unit to be less intrusive to the Waterbox design while allowing a run-dry protection feature that prevents your sump from running dry. The Ultimate ATOs versatility is unmatched from any other ATO on the market which makes it a perfect match for our professionally designed Waterbox Marine, Frag, Reef, Pro and Peninsula Aquariums. It will keep your Water levels perfectly in sync with the integrated Waterbox ATO Reservoir that is built into all Platinum and Crystal Aquariums.

All the installation parts are included to make installing the Ultimate ATO a Breeze on your Waterbox Platinum or Crystal Aquarium.

  • Power Input : 100~240VAC 50-60HZ
  • DC Pump
    • Head : 8.2ft (250cm)
    • Flow rate : 74 gph (280lph)
  • Max Mounting Thickness : 1/2" (12.7mm)
  • AC Switch
    • Capacity : 100~240 VAC 50~60 Hz
    • Max. Load : 10 A / 1200W @ 120VAC ; 10A / 2400W @ 240VAC
  • Solenoid Valve Power Consumption : 6W @ 12VDC