WATERBOX Silver Marine AIO

The Silver Marine AIO series is an all-in-one aquarium for entry level enthusiasts in mind. It provides a built in filtration system in the back of the tank.  This system eliminates the barrier to entry for Saltwater Aquaria at a much lower cost.

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Waterbox Silver Marine AIO Models

28.2 Frag








Entry Level

Entry Level Experience

This series is designed for simple plug and play application. No plumbing required.

Naming Convention

The first number indicates the gallon capacity, followed by the length of the aquarium in feet.

Silver Marine AIO Features

Rimless 8-10mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass

Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and beautifully crafted beveled edges done carefully by machine. All Waterbox glass is licensed PPG(Vitro) glass and has the highest possible clarity for the Aquarium environment.

EcoPlus Pump

Ecoplus pumps are a staple in the pump industry, which is why Waterbox made it the pump of choice to handle our AIO aquariums. The Ecoplus pumps are reliable, stable and quiet making them the perfect pair for Waterbox Aquariums™.

Dual and Y Flow Nozzles

Waterbox Aquariums™ uses proprietary flow nozzles on all our Silver Marine AIO Aquariums. The nozzles are designed to provide each aquarium with maximum flow rates which help to create a healthy thriving environment for your animals.

Side to side rear filtration and media chambers for included mechanical filtration

A core feature within the Entry Level Silver Marine AIO series is the side to side filtration chamber, which includes our favorite mechanical and biological filtration medias such as carbon, sponges, filter socks and bioballs.


Bio Balls

Provide your Waterbox cube a large multifaceted filtration area to support biological filtration and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that support healthy clean and clear water.



Contains premium activated carbon that removes odors, discoloration and impurities through easy to use and replace carbon bags. Maintains clean and healthy aquatic environment.



Helps keep the Waterbox Cube system ultra silent and successfully traps particles and debris. Keeps the water flow in the system consistent and more efficient.

Waterbox Silver Marine AIO Frag

The Waterbox 28 Gallon All-In-One Frag system is perfect for the entry level to advanced aquaculture hobbyist. It boasts the same features as our other AIO systems but with a lower profile setup for growing frags.

28.2 Frag Size
600 x 600 x 315mm (24” x 24” x 12.4”)  

Optional Cabinet

Made by World Furniture Manufacturer. the Silver Marine cabinets are MDF Laminated Aquarium cabinets, which include stainless hinges, push open doors and leveling feet.

Our cabinet maker boasts the following recognition’s
Member Unit of National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee
State Identified Enterprise Technology Center
Top 10 Furniture Brand

Waterbox Silver Marine AIO Technical Specifications

Silver Marine AIO 28.2 FRAG Silver Marine AIO 30.2 Silver Marine AIO 40.2 Silver Marine AIO 50.3
Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
Glass Thickness(mm) 8mm 8mm 8mm 10mm
Glass Overflow System
Full Length Overflow
Removable Filter Socks
Included Filtration Media
Tank Length (IN) 24″(60cm) 24″(60cm) 24″(60cm) 36″(80cm)
Tank Width (IN) 24″(60cm) 18″(45cm) 24″(60cm) 20″(50cm)
Tank Height (IN) 12.4″(31.5cm) 18″(45cm) 18″(45cm) 18″(45cm)
Total System Volume (Gal) 27.7Gal(105L) 29.6Gal(112L) 39.8Gal(151L) 49.1Gal(186L)
Return Pump Included
Leveling Mat Included
Cabinet Included Optional Optional Optional Optional

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