WATERBOX Silver Marine

The Silver Marine series was designed for entry level aquarium enthusiasts in mind. It provides a simple reef ready aquarium system that eliminates the barrier to entry for Saltwater Aquaria at a much lower cost. Each Silver Marine includes Tank, MDF Cabinet, Sump and Plumbing kit.

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Intermediate Experience

Intermediate Experience

This series includes some features that require simple plumbing connections and understanding of overflow filtration systems.

Naming Convention

The first number indicates the gallon capacity, followed by the length of the aquarium in feet.

Silver Marine Glass

Rimless 8-10mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass

Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges.

Side to side glass overflow box

A core feature within the Entry Level Silver Marine series is the side to side filtration chamber, which is connected to the under cabinet filtration sump.

Removable micron socks

Located within each side of the overflow box are two removable micron socks.

Silver Marine Filtration

Prefabricated easy to setup plumbing system (No Glue)

Trying to engineer your own plumbing for an aquarium is a thing of the past. Our engineers have completed designed and prefabricated each Waterbox with it’s own proprietary plumbing kit. Now plumbing your aquarium should take less than 20 minutes.

Full Glass Sump with Foam Mat

Each Silver Marine series includes a glass sump with ATO reservoir. Dual micron socks included with plumbing kit. Each sump is designed for maximum flow with ample size room for protein skimmer and return pump.

The Cabinet

Made by World Furniture Manufacturer.  The Silver Marine cabinets are MDF Laminated, which include stainless hinges, push open doors and leveling feet.

Our cabinet maker boasts the following recognition’s.
Member Unit of National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee.
State Identified Enterprise Technology Center.
Top 10 Furniture Brand

Dedicated sump compartment

Our elegantly crafted cabinetry boasts a dedicated compartment to store the Waterbox sump system.

Stainless Hinges

Stainless marine spec hinges keep your cabinet rust free there for increasing the longevity of your furniture.

Push Open Doors

European doors that are flush with the front glass aquarium panel provide ease of access into the cabinet.

Leveling Feet

Adjustable leveling feet are included with each cabinet to ensure tank is level during installation.

Waterbox Silver Marine Technical Specifications

Silver Marine 35.1 Silver Marine 45.2 Silver Marine 60.3
Main Features Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
Glass Thickness(mm) 8mm 8mm 10mm
Glass Overflow System(Full Length)
Built in surface skimmer
Integrated Evaporation (ATO) Reservior
System Volumes Display Water Volume (Gal) 22Gal(83L) 29.6Gal(112L) 44Gal(166L)
Sump Water Volume (Gal) 10.7Gal(40L) 14.7Gal(56L) 17Gal(64L)
Total System Volume (Gal) 32.6Gal(124L) 44.3Gal(168L) 61Gal(231L)
ATO Reservior Volume (Gal) 2Gal(7.5L) 2.6Gal(9.84L) 3.2Gal(12.11L)
Display Dimensions Tank Length (IN) 18″(45m) 24″(60cm) 36″(90cm)
Tank Width (IN) 18″(45m) 18″(45cm) 18″(45cm)
Tank Height (IN) 18″(45m) 18″(45m) 18″(45m)
Total Height with Cabinet 55″(140cm) 55″(140cm) 55″(140cm)
Sump Dimensions Sump Length (IN) 15″(38cm) 21″(52cm) 24″(60cm)
Sump Width (IN) 12″(30cm) 12″(45cm) 12″(45cm)
Sump Height (IN) 15″(38cm) 15″(38cm) 15″(38cm)
Sump Glass Thickness 6mm(1/4″) 6mm(1/4″) 6mm(1/4″)
Technical Details Water Height in Sump 7-9″ (23cm) 7-9″ (23cm) 7-9″ (23cm)
Skimmer Chamber 9.33″(23.7cm) x 6.73″(17.1cm) 10.23″(26cm) x 8.5″(21.6cm) 11.88″(30.2cm) x 8.5″(21.6cm)
Pump Chamber 5.7″(14.5cm) x 5.9″(15cm) 7.71″(19.6cm) x 5.9″(15cm) 9.21″ (23.4cm) x 5.9″(15cm)
Recommended Flow Rate(GPH) Pump not included 350gph(1300L) 450GPH(1700L) 600GPH(2200L)
Special Features Removable (In Back) Filter Socks Included
Gate Valve Overflow Adjustment
Water etched glass overflow
MDF Cabinet
Cabinet Includes Leveling Hardware
Prefabricated Plumbing Kit Included

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