AIO 35.2
AIO 35.2
AIO 35.2
AIO 35.2
AIO 35.2

AIO 35.2

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SKU: D1200
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 500 x 450mm (23.6" x 19.7" x 17.7")
• Height with Cabinet: 1350mm / 53.1"
• Display Volume: 125L / 33gal
• Glass Thickness: 8mm
• Includes: Aquarium Filter Sock, Carbon, Bio Balls (Pump sold separately, Cabinet Optional)
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All in one place.

An all-in-one aquarium that gives you more of what you love, in a larger more customizable design.


Built-in Filtration

The AIO™ filtration is designed to be used with freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The rear chambers allow for personalized use of media and reactors. The unique filtration and baffle system forces the water to travel through the filter socks and then flow into chambers adequately sized for multiple types of filtration media. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system.

Y-Flow Nozzle

Features Y-Flow adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Filter Socks

Includes two 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Socks.
*AIO 65.4 has four 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Socks.

Stabilizing Leveling Mat

Relieves pressure points on the aquarium to ensure stability.

Ultra Low Iron Glass

Our aquariums are all manufactured using Low Iron Ultra Clear glass that is diamond beveled providing 91% transmittance.

High Strength Silicone

Manufactured using german made Wacker silicone will provide your aquarium with the longevity it needs.

Standard 90 Degree Joints

Manufactured using the standard aquarium manufacturing joints for maximum durability and strength.


Strength & Stability

Aluminum Framed

Constructed with 20 mm aluminum framing to easily withstand the weight and humidity of your aquarium system.

Laminated Finish

Laminated wood panels skirt the aluminum framing for a sleek, modern look.

Adjustable Leveling Feet

An easy and effective way to ensure your aquarium is level, front to back and side-to-side.


The open back design allows for optimal ventilation and easy cord routing.


Technical Specifications

Product Model AIO 35.2 AIO 50.3 AIO 65.4
Aquarium Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
600 x 500 x 450mm 900 x 500 x 450mm 1200 x 500 x 450mm
23.6"×19.7"×17.7" 35.4"×19.7"×17.7" 47.2"×19.7"×17.7"
Glass Thickness 8mm (5/16") 10mm (2/5") 10mm (2/5")
Water Height 435mm/17.1" 435mm/17.1" 435mm/17.1"
Aquarium Volume 125 L/33 gals 186 L/49.1 gals 249 L/65.8 gals
Aquarium Weight 34.0 kg / 75.0 lb 59.0 kg / 130.1 lb 65.0 kg / 143.3 lb
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
Filtration Chamber 600 x 120 x 450mm 900 x 120 x 450mm 1200 x 120 x 450mm
23.6"×4.7"×17.7" 35.4"×4.7"×17.7" 47.2"×4.7"×17.7"
Filter Sock Chamber 81 x 120 x 450mm 81 x 120 x 450mm


3.2"×4.7"×17.7" 3.2"×4.7"×17.7" 6.3"×4.7"×17.7"
Filter Media/Skimmer Chamber 101 x 120 x 450mm 154 x 120 x 450mm

150 x 120 x 450mm

4"×4.7"×17.7" 6.1"×4.7"×17.7" 5.9"×4.7"×17.7"
Pump Chamber 140 x 120 x 450mm 300 x 120 x 450mm 221 x 120 x 450mm
5.5"×4.7"×17.7" 11.8"×4.7"×17.7" 8.7"×4.7"×17.7"
Directional Nozzle 1 2 2
Return Hose Φ16 Φ24 Φ24
EVA Mat 1 1 1
Filtration Filter Socks 70mm/2.75" x 2 70mm/2.75" x 2 70mm/2.75" x 4
Filtration Sponge 2 2 2
Bio ball 24 pcs 24 pcs 48 pcs
Cabinet Cabinet Model ALU 2420 ALU 3620 ALU 4820
Cabinet Dimensions 600 x 500 x 900mm 900 x 500 x 900mm 1,200 x 500 x 900mm
23.6" × 19.7" × 35.4" 35.4" × 19.7" × 35.4" 47.2" × 19.7" × 35.4"
Cabinet Framework Anti-corrosion Aluminum Alloy
Door & Side Panels 18mm PVC Laminated Wood Particle Board
Bottom Panels 10mm PVC Board
Back Panels 6mm PVC Board
Cabinet Color WHT-White, BLK-Black, ASP-Aspen
SUS304 Hinges
Leveling Feet


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