Core Elements Pack CAL/ALK/MAG

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Core Elements Pack CAL/ALK/MAG

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The Core Elements bundle includes all 3 major trace elements, Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium. 

For use with saltwater reef aquariums


Calcium is an essential building block for coral skeletons, invertebrates, and coraline algae in a reef aquarium. If calicum levels are not maintained properly, LPS and SPS coral cannot grow their calcium carbonate skeletons. Recommended Levels 420-460 ppm 

Instructions: 5 ml of Calcium will raise calcium level by 7.5 mg/l (ppm) in 100 L (25 gal) 


Alkalinity is one of the most important elements in a reef aquarium. It is an essential building block for coral skeletons and a crucial part in maintaining stable pH. Recommended Levels 7.5-9.5 dKH

Instructions: 5 ml of Alkalinity will raise dKH level by 0.125 dKH in 100 L (25 gal)


Magnesium maintained at proper levels allows for increased absorption of calcium and alkalinity. This increases growth and overall health of reef inhabitants. Recommended Levels 1200-1400

Instructions: 5 ml of magnesium will raise magnesium level by 3.75 mg/l (ppm) in 100 L (25 gal)

The Waterbox Method

The Waterbox Method of aquarium keeping was established over decades of professional aquatics experience. From this experience we were able to develop and formulate a range of aquarium supplements and medias that are manufactured using only the finest ingredients. All products are produced under strict laboratory conditions.