Delivery and Receiving Large Aquariums.

RO/DI Water Storage

Sump and Plumbing

Planning Equipment

Cable Management

Large Reef Aquascaping

Filling and Cycling

Adding the Clean Up Crew

Establishing Proper Flow

Selecting and Introducing Livestock

Protein Skimmers and Media Reactors

Research and Purchasing Corals

Lighting a Large Reef Aquarium

Soft Corals from Living Reef Orlando

Automating Top Offs & Temperature

LPS Coral Care

Promoting Health and Longevity in Marine Fish

The BIGGEST Questions on Keeping a HUGE Reef Aquarium

Automating the Dosing Process with the EcoTech Versa

Let's Add a Refugium to the Huge REEF LX 320.7!

Final Shipment of SPS Corals + Fish Arrive for the REEF LX.

Livestock by Living Reef Orlando

Visit Living Reef Orlando.


• Conch

• Red Leg Hermits

• Nassarius

• Blue Leg Hermits

• Turbo Snails

• Emerald Crabs


• Sailing Tang

• Tomini Tang

• Female Lyretail Anthias

• Blue Throat Trigger

• Barred Gobies

• Firefish


Scrambled Eggs

Rainbow Infusion

Butt Kissers

Superman Rhodactis

Tricolor Ricordia

Mandarin Clove Polyps

Fireworks Clove Polyps

Mint GSP

Radioactive GSP

Green Leather

Yellow Polyp Leather

Blue and Pink Ricordia

Hulk Rhodactis

Baja Blast Goniopora


Everlasting Gobstopper

JF Jack-O-Lantern Lepto

Lazerbeam Acan

LRO Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

Orange Crush Chalice

Orange Eye Chalice

Red Hornet Zoas

Space Invader Chalice

Splatter Hammer

Split Personality Favia

Ultra Ricodea

Ultra Ricodea


Ultra Blasto

Rainbow Madness Cyphastrea

Grape Ape Acan

Sweetheart Bowerbanki

Fools Gold Acan

JF Raja Rampage Chalice

Fruit Punch Acan

Stardust Goni

Candlelight Goni

GI Jane Platy


Gold Hammer

Bizzaro Cyphastrea

Sidewinder Favia

JKR Rainbow

LRO Caribbean Sunset

LRO Komodo Island

Flaming Setosa

JF Fox Flame

Bubblegum Digi

LRO Extreme Pac-Man

CB Golden Jawdropper

Milka Stylo

LRO Yellow Jacket

Green Goblin Anacropora

LRO Night Light