Join us April 15th-19th at 6PM EST for a brand new Waterbox Aquariums® live event! INSPIRE is a groundbreaking five day live event dedicated to uniting education, inspiration, and innovation within the aquatics industry.

April 15th - 19th


Monday, April 15th at 6PM EST

Welcome to INSPIRE! Get Ready For Some New Product Announcements

During the opening stream of INSPIRE, we will be announcing the newest products from Waterbox Aquariums®.

$500 Gift Card Winners:
Odebt Massey
Zack Greenberg
Brandon Mazzella

Tuesday, April 16th at 6PM EST

Get Some Fresh Inspiration

Dive into two brand new planted aquariums at the Waterbox Studio with Rich and Jess. Learn about where they pulled inspiration from to create these planted masterpieces.

$500 Gift Card Winners:
Dixon William
Nigel Vasquez
Max Hayes

Wednesday, April 17th at 6PM EST

This Is Truly a Living Reef

Diving into an large Living Reef right here in Orlando. Tune in to Learn about Living Reef Orlando's massive 1000 gallon mixed reef aquarium.

$500 Gift Card Winners:
Julia Hendley
Thomas Gardner
David Paige

Thursday, April 18th at 6PM EST

A Reef Success Story You'll Want to Follow

In this episode we are talking with Dmitry from Treasure Corals about his THREE Waterbox systems, and diving into the process of upgrading to a huge REEF LX 340.7.

$500 Gift Card Winners:
Mohammad Shahid
Justin Adams
Jordan Freeman

Friday, April 19th at 6PM EST

Battle Royale! Jess and Rich Battle it out, You Vote

The INSPIRE Grand finale episode. Jess and Rich are finally going to battle it out in this aquascaping challenge with a twist.

$500 Gift Card Winners:
Meredith Klohe
Peter King
Brennan Roundy

Monday, April 22nd at 6pm EST

Grand Prize Announcement

The INSPIRE grand prize announcement episode.

Grand Prize Giveaway Winner:
Louis Silva



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