Waterbox Aquariums Winners

A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums:

Prize:  REEF LX 190.4 +PLUS Edition

Winner: Trina Trinh

Blue Friday 2021:

Prize:  $3,000 Grand Prize

Winners: David Nguyen and Kyle Shaw

Prize:  CRF Raffle

Winners: Jesper Nielsen (FW) and Joe Colletta (SW)

A Guide to All-In-One Aquariums

Prize:  AIO PENINSULA 65.4

Winner: Justan Jenkins

A Guide to a Reef Aquariums

Prize:  FRAG 105.4 +PLUS XR Edition

Winners: Michael Harden and Alex Lissner

A Guide to a Saltwater Nano Aquarium

Prize:  CUBE 10 +PLUS EDITION & $50 Live Aquaria Gift Card

Winners: David Posey